Terms of use

Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use shall apply to all Persons who access the Website (as defined below) and to all Persons to whom Services are provided by buildwarestore, the owner of the Website. buildwarestore essentially owns and operates an online market place on its Website which acts as an online platform for different products  and for different Users to access a range of Products and to purchase the Products (as defined below) offered; Access to the Website and the Services is subject to your compliance with and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Disclaimer ,the Returns and Cancellation Policy ,and any other terms and conditions which may be applicable to availing the Services as detailed in the relevant page pertaining to such Services, collectively referred to as “the Terms”.

Once accepted or deemed accepted (as stated herein), the Terms shall form the legal contract (hereinafter “the User Agreement”) between a User and buildwarestore vis-à-vis the use and access of the Website, provision of Services and all other matters arising out of or in connection therewith.

Acceptance of the Terms, Modifications and Consequences of Violation of the Terms

Please ensure that you read and understand the Terms carefully. By accessing the Website and/or using the Services, you agree to be bound by the Terms and signify your, free, absolute and unqualified acceptance thereof without fraud, coercion or undue influence. If you do not agree with any of the Terms, please do not access the Website or use the Services. The User further represents that the User has the necessary capacity to contract under Indian laws or the laws applicable to the User and is capable of performing the obligations required of the User under the Terms. The User shall be obliged to inform buildwarestore of any subsequent disability to contract, upon which buildwarestore shall be entitled to terminate the User Agreement without notice or to modify or alter the Terms in their application to such User.

buildwarestore may amend/modify the Terms at any time, and such modifications shall be notified via email to our registered users and will be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms on the Website. You are required to review the modified Terms periodically (as often as possible) to be aware of such modifications. Your continued access or use of the Website or the Services shall be deemed proof of your acceptance of the Terms as modified.

In the event that you access or use the Website or the Services in contravention or violation of any of the Terms, you shall be deemed to be an Unauthorized User and buildwarestore shall be entitled to terminate the User Agreement immediately, block your Registered Account and remove any information or posting which is does not comply with the terms or any law in force in India. buildwarestore shall also be entitled to block access by you to the Website and/or seek any additional relief as available under law.


Unless the context otherwise requires or unless otherwise defined or provided for herein, the capitalized terms used in the Terms shall have the following meanings:

"Applicable Law"shall mean any laws of India including any rules and regulations which may be applicable vis-à-vis the Services being provided under these Terms or on account of breach of any of these Terms;

"Authorized User"shall include: Registered Users, i.e. and Guest Users (as defined below); “Buyer” shall mean and include any Person who visits the Website to purchase any of the Products listed therein, either as a Registered User or a Guest User;

"buildwarestore" or "we/our/us"shall mean buildwarestore, incorporated under the laws of India, having its registered shop kalinjathil agencies, Aluva 683110, ernakulam being the owner of the Website and its representatives, officers, successors and assignees; and as referred to in these Terms (as defined below);

"Guest User"shall mean Persons other than Registered Users who have access to the Website with the intention to browse the Products available without a Registered Account and who may purchase Products without being a Registered User;

"Intellectual Property"shall include all patents, copyrights, trademarks, logos, brand names, corporate names, designs and artistic creations and all information, ideas, technology, software, and processes of inventions, improvements and discoveries, trade secrets, data and know-how and similar rights of any type, whether or not capable of being registered;

"Person"shall mean and include an individual, an association, a corporation, a partnership, a joint venture, a trust, an unincorporated organization, a joint stock company or other entity or organization, including a government or political sub-division, or agency or instrumentality thereof and/or any other legal entity recognized as such under the applicable laws of the territory in which it is incorporated;

"Product(s)"shall mean the construction related product(s), made available by the Seller for sale on the Website and includes but is not limited to construction materials, furniture fixtures, home accessories, lights, carpentry material, painting materials etc.;

"Fee"shall mean the amount payable by the buyer to buildwarestore on account of services rendered by buildwarestore for purchase of product, buildwarestore can impose fees on the buyers in any nature or form or in any name like Service fee etc.

"Registered Account"shall mean the user accounts created by the Registered User on the Website with a user login ID and password for the purpose of availing of the Services and all codes, information, passwords and other information pertaining to the Registered Account;

"Registered User"shall mean Persons registered with the Website with a login ID and password and who hold Registered Accounts and may include a Buyer ;

"Services"shall mean the services offered by buildwarestore through the Website whereby a Authorized User may access the Website to view, upload and access a range of Products displayed therein to sell and to purchase the Products offered by the Sellers;

"Terms"shall mean collectively the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Disclaimer of the Website, Returns and Cancellations and any other terms and conditions which may be applicable to availing the Services as detailed in the relevant page pertaining to such Services as amended or modified from time to time;

"Unauthorized User"would mean any Person who does not have a legal right to access the Website or avail of the Services, any Person who has for any reason (by the operation of law or otherwise) been prohibited from accessing the Website or availing of the Services or hackers. Such Unauthorized User would also be fully bound by the terms, conditions and obligations set forth in the Terms and shall be liable to abide by the same;

"User(s)" or "you/your"shall include both Authorized Users and Unauthorized Users;

"User Agreement"shall mean the legally binding contract deemed to exist between a User and buildwarestore and shall consist of the Terms as modified from time to time. However, it is hereby clarified that insofar as these Terms also apply to an Unauthorized User, the User Agreement shall only serve to define the obligations and liabilities of such Unauthorized User and shall not bind buildwarestore to perform any services or conditions or obligations, nor does it entitle the Unauthorized User to claim any rights, protection or benefits of any nature whatsoever thereunder;

"Website"shall mean the e-commerce website “” and further web pages/websites created by or on behalf of buildwarestore related to the above-mentioned site;

The singular includes the plural and vice versa, and words importing a gender include other genders.

Role of buildwarestore

The role of buildwarestore is that of an intermediary and the Website is in the nature of an online marketplace whereby Users may browse through the various Products which may be purchased through the Website from the Seller. In this regard, it is clarified that the role of buildwarestore is limited to putting the Buyers in touch with the relevant Sellers for the provision of the Products and services and all commercial/contractual terms are between Buyers and Seller alone, which includes without limitation price, shipping costs, payment methods, payment terms, date, period and mode of delivery, warranties related to Products and services including post sale services related to the Products. buildwarestore neither exercises any control nor does it determine, advise, solicit or in any way involve itself in such commercial/contractual terms between the Buyers and Sellers. buildwarestore does not assume responsibility for the Products and services provided by the manufacturer. The Website is only a platform that can be utilized by Users to reach a larger base to buy and sell Products and the contract for sale of any of the Products or services shall be a contract only between the Seller and the Buyer.

Browsing, Access and Placing Orders on the Website

You may access the Website for obtaining information on the Products offered through the Website, availing information on the Products, obtaining information (without violation of the User Agreement) and related matters. Access and use of the Website is prohibited for Unauthorized Users.

When you access the Website or in order to avail of the Products and Services listed on the Website, you may do so by creating a Registered Account on the Website. You will be permitted to access and browse the Website without creating a Registered Account (Guest User) provided that you are not an Unauthorized User. You may use this Registered Account for future transactions or interactions with the Website as well.

We recommend that you create a Registered Account when you use the Website for the following reasons, amongst others:

  • - We provide information about our promotions, offers and discounts to our Registered Users regularly;
  • - Certain details, such as delivery addresses and contact details, will be stored for future transactions as well; and,
  • - You can also browse the history of your Registered Account including past transactions;

The User may be required to submit certain information mandatorily in order to open a Registered Account or avail of the Products and services. In the event that the User does not submit such information, buildwarestore shall have the right to restrict the nature of information made available to such User and may also refuse to provide all or any Services to the User. All such mandatory information as well as optional information shall be true and correct in every aspect. The User shall be solely liable for any consequences (civil and criminal) on account of the User submitting incorrect, false, deceptive, misleading or wrong information for any reason whatsoever. buildwarestore shall not, under any circumstances whatsoever, be liable for any such incorrect, false, deceptive, misleading or wrong information submitted to buildwarestore or for ensuring the authenticity of any information. For more information on buildwarestore’s and User’s liabilities for information, please see the Disclaimer.

Registered Account Access

  • - The Registered User shall keep confidential and not disclose to any Person information pertaining to the Registered User's Account and all activities carried out by the Registered User through his / her Registered Account.
  • - The Registered User shall access the Website and avail the Services only through his own Registered Account validly created and shall not permit any other Person to use or access the Website or Services through the User's Registered Account.
  • - The Registered User shall immediately notify buildwarestore of any unauthorized use of the Registered User's Registered Account or any other breach of security known to the User vis-à-vis the Registered Account.
  • - The Registered User shall be responsible for the set-up or configuration of his / her equipment for access to the Website and the Services.
  • - The Registered User shall have option of uploading his existing supplier database like supplier name, contact person, phone number, email id, address, and any other details which shall become automatically available on the website for other Registered Users too for making transaction and all data including any public domain data entered by the Registered User on the website shall belong to buildwarestore.
  • - The Registered User shall be fully liable for all transactions and activity carried out through the Registered Account, unless the Registered User has informed buildwarestore about any hacking, breach of security or unauthorized access of the Registered Account, whether past, possible or threatened.

Placing of Order and Payment

Once the User accesses the Website as a Buyer, he / she may go through the various Products and services listed therein on the Website and choose the one as per their needs.

Prices of the Products displayed on the Website are deemed to be a part of the Terms and are subject to change as maybe determined and displayed by a Seller.

After the Buyer's order is finalized and confirmed, the buyer has to make payment of convenience fee along with the total product price, thereafter Buyer may choose to make payment for his / her order in several ways:

  • - Payment by debit cards or credit cards
  • - Internet banking
  • - Cash on / before Delivery, if available for the relevant Product

Some of these payment methods may not be available at all times, and the Buyer may be required to choose another form of payment. Further, each payment method the Buyer chooses may be subject to certain restrictions or conditions as detailed in these Terms.

Where the Buyer uses a debit card, credit card, the Buyer must provide us with the correct information pertaining to the cardholders name, card type, the card number, the card expiry date and the security code on the back of the card (if any), in order to make payment on the Website. The Buyer shall be responsible for the correctness of the information provided. While availing of the various payment methods listed on the Website, buildwarestore shall in no way be responsible or liable for any loss or damages incurred directly or indirectly to the Buyer in case of the following:

  • - Lack of due authorisation for any transactions, or
  • - In case of the Buyer exceeding any preset limit as determined mutually between the Buyer and his/ her bank, if applicable, or;
  • - Any issues of payment arising out of the transaction, or;
  • - Decline of transaction by the Buyer’s bank for any other reasons.

Once the Buyer chooses a payment method, the Buyer will be redirected to a secure payment gateway where he/she will be required to complete the transaction.Please note that such gateway is a third party site and will be governed by its own terms and conditions. We shall not be responsible for any activity, security breaches, claims or losses of any nature whatsoever that may occur on such site.

Credit facility can be extended by the seller to the buyer via, such credit terms shall be a bipartite between the buyer/builder and the seller/supplier alone and buildwarestore shall have no liability for credit extended by seller. The buyer hereby expressly agrees that any order placed on credit terms, it shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer to make payment on time. Seller shall do complete due diligence on the buyer before agreeing the credit terms with buyers. buildwarestore shall have no liability for any default/non-payment of order amount from buyer relating to the credit transaction.

The Buyer hereby agrees and acknowledges that buildwarestore does not qualify to be a banking or financial service but is merely a facilitator providing an electronic, automated online electronic payment facility, receiving payment through cash on delivery option, collection and remittance facility for the transactions on the Website using the existing authorized banking infrastructure and credit card payment gateway networks.

If buildwarestore has reason to believe that the Buyer has a prior history of questionable charges including breach of agreements with buildwarestore previously or violation of any laws, policies, or any charges imposed by a banking facility, buildwarestore, in the protection its own interests, reserves the right to refuse to process transactions of such Buyers

buildwarestore may do such checks as it deems fit, to confirm credibility and commitment of Buyers, when they opting for the cash on delivery for the Products, for security or other reasons at the discretion of buildwarestore. As a result of such a check if buildwarestore is not satisfied with the creditability of the Buyer or genuineness of the transaction, it will have the right to reject the receipt of / Buyer’s commitment to pay cash on delivery for the Products purchased.

buildwarestore may delay notifying the Seller to dispatch the Products to the Buyer, if buildwarestore deems a transaction of unusually high volumes to be suspicious, to ensure safety of the transaction. In addition, buildwarestore may inform the Seller to remit the monies paid by the Buyer (instead of refunding the same to Buyer) or dispatch Products to law enforcement officials, at the request of law enforcement officials or in the event the Buyer is engaged in any form of illegal activity.

Delivery Deadlines

buildwarestore undertakes to make every reasonable effort to ensure that the Seller delivers the Products according to the delivery schedules mentioned by the Seller on the Website, at the time of confirming the order, however these are not fully guaranteed.

Weekends, public holidays, together with delays caused by events beyond the control of the Seller are not included when the Seller publishes the estimated number of days for door to door delivery times on the Website. The route and method of by which the Product is transported shall be at the sole discretion of Seller.

Delivery Timings: 10:00am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Saturday

*some bulk materials due to traffic restrictions may reach the customer beyond these timelines

Undeliverable or Rejected Products

In a situation where the Seller / authorised personnel is unable to deliver the Product to the specified address, they will try and leave a notice at the address of the receiver / Buyer stating that the delivery has been attempted and where the Product can be collected from. If the delivery has not been successful after one more attempt or the receiver / Buyer has not collected / refuses to collect the Product from the address mentioned in the notice, the Seller shall contact the Buyer for further instructions with regard to the delivery of the Product. The Buyer hereby agrees to bear the costs incurred by the Seller in forwarding, disposing of or returning the Product to the Seller and the charges (if any) for making a third and final attempt at delivering the Products to the receiver / Buyer.

It being further clarified that in case the Seller does not receive any instructions from the Buyer within 30 (thirty) days from the time the Seller/ its authorized personnel had contacted the receiver/ Buyer after the second attempt to deliver the Products, then the Buyer agrees and gives the Seller the permission to destroy, dispose or sell the contents of the Products as they please, without any further liability to the Buyer.


All Products for display on the Website may carry warranty, if any, provided by the respective Seller. Since buildwarestore acts only as an intermediary, buildwarestore does not make any representation or warranty as to specifics of the Products (including but not limited to quality, value, salability, etc) or services listed on its Website for sale by the Sellers. buildwarestore shall not have any liability whatsoever for any aspect of the arrangements between the Seller and the User as regards the standards of the Products or services provided by the Sellers and buildwarestore accepts no liability for any errors or omissions, whether on behalf of itself or third parties.

Replacement or warranty on each Product supplied by the Seller shall be as determined and specified by the Seller against the specific Products displayed on the Website. The Buyer is hereby advised to go through the conditions of replacement and warranty, if applicable, before making a purchase of the Product.


The Buyer shall be entitled to claim refunds in case the delivery of the Products is delayed more than 7 days beyond the agreed time of delivery, as indicated by the Seller on the Website. To claim refund in cases of delayed delivery, the Buyer can contact our customer care at and the refund shall be processed upon due verification of details by us, and in accordance with the refund policy specified in these Terms.

Limitation of buildwarestore's Liability

While buildwarestore has taken steps to ensure that all the information on the Website is correct, buildwarestore does not guarantee and shall not be responsible for the quality, accuracy or completeness of any data, information, Services, except as specifically mentioned in the Terms.

buildwarestore shall not be responsible for any losses, damages, costs, claims, charges, suits or proceedings of any nature whatsoever (whether direct, indirect, punitive, exemplary, consequential, under tort, or for loss of profit, reputation or goodwill, costs of procuring substitute services, costs on account of loss or unauthorized use or access of information on the Website, third-party actions) arising out of or in connection with the provision of the Services or access of the Website by a User for any reason whatsoever. The generality of the foregoing shall not prejudice the specific disclaimers stated elsewhere in the Terms.

Notwithstanding the above, if buildwarestore is made party to any suit or legal proceedings, the liability of buildwarestore for any reason whatsoever pertaining to the Services provided to the User, including without limitation for loss, damage, wrong delivery, non-delivery of the Products or any part thereof or for breach of these Terms, willful negligence on part of buildwarestore, is limited to the value of the transaction conducted by a Registered User / Guest User on the Website.

Use of Information

"Confidential Information"shall mean and include, but is not restricted to, all information that is technical, and commercial concerning business, books of record and account, financial data, systems, software, services, wages related information, documents, prototypes, samples, media, documentation, discs and code, trade secrets, know-how, proprietary information (including listings and member directories), business and marketing plans, financial and operational information, and all other non-public information, material or data relating to the current and / or future business and operations of buildwarestore or its group companies, partners and affiliates, and analysis, compilations, studies, summaries, extracts or other documentation whether in written or oral form, provided by buildwarestore or a third party Person on behalf of buildwarestore to the User pursuant to access or use of the Website or the Products displayed therein or Services, or any other information which may come to the knowledge of the User and whether or not marked as Confidential Information.

The User hereto agrees that the User shall not disclose the Confidential Information to any third party under any circumstances whatsoever without the prior written consent of buildwarestore and that he / she will use such confidential / proprietary information solely for the purposes of availing the Services.

Further, the User shall reveal Confidential Information to its employees or agents or other associates strictly on a “need to know” basis and shall impose upon them the confidentiality obligations stated herein.

The obligation of non disclosure described herein, will not be deemed to restrict the User from using and / or disclosing any of the Confidential Information which:

  • - Is or becomes publicly known or within the public domain without the breach of the Terms;
  • - If the User is requested or required by law or by any Court or governmental agency or authority to disclose any of the Confidential Information, then the User will provide buildwarestore with prompt notice of such request or requirement prior to such disclosure.

No User shall use Confidential Information obtained from the Services for further distribution, publication, public display, or preparation of derivative works or facilitate any of these activities in any way or reproduce, copy, access or download such Confidential Information for any purpose other than the User’s internal or personal purposes and undertakes to not make modifications to such information or make additional representations and warranties relating to such documents.
Any violation of the above Terms by the User shall be treated as a material breach of the Terms entitling buildwarestore to terminate the User Agreement, seek injunctive relief, damages and any other relief provided under law against such User.
Upon the termination of the User Agreement, the User shall return to buildwarestore all original documents, records, data and other material in the possession, custody or control of the User forming a part or incorporating any Confidential Information therein. 
The obligations set forth in this clause shall inure irrespective of the termination of the User Agreement for any reasons whatsoever.

Intellectual Property of buildwarestore and Third Parties

While buildwarestore owns all the Intellectual Property rights in the listings and databases, layout and design of the Website, all logos, brands, trademarks, designs, copyrights, service marks and related Intellectual Property rights in the Products being sold to the Users, shall be the sole and exclusive property of Seller who are displaying their Products on the Website. The Seller in displaying their Products on our Site have represented that they either own or are authorized licensed owners in such intellectual property rights.

Access to the Website does not confer upon the User any license or right of any nature to use such logos, brands, trademarks, designs, copyrights and service marks and the User is prohibited from using the same in any manner. In the event that the User violates the above Terms, buildwarestore of the rights in such logos, brands, trademarks and service marks shall be entitled to proceed against the User for the protection of its rights, including (but not limited to) injunctive relief and damages.

Any use by the User of such Intellectual Property (whether during the term of the User Agreement or thereafter) for any reason whatsoever or in any media whatsoever, or any act committed by any User with the intention to violate or facilitating the violation of such Intellectual Property rights shall constitute a violation of the Intellectual Property rights of buildwarestore and buildwarestore shall be entitled to take all action and / or initiate all legal proceedings of any nature in order to protect its rights and prevent further violation thereof, including (but not limited to) damages and injunctive relief.


In addition to the obligations on the User contained elsewhere in the Terms and without prejudice to the generality of any other prohibition contained therein, every User shall be prohibited from the following:

  • - Allowing a person other than the User to access the User's Registered Account or to access the Website through another User's Registered Account
  • - Using the Services or accessing the Website for any unlawful or illegal purpose
  • - Allowing another Person to avail the Services under the User’s Registered Account
  • - Making commercial use of the Products and Services or other information on the Website
  • - Contravening any laws of India or any other laws to which the User is subject to while accessing the Website or availing of the Services
  • - Threatening, harming, bullying, harassing, annoying or otherwise displaying harmful or negative behaviour on the Website in general or towards any particular User or any third party Person
  • - Violating or attempting to violate the security systems and procedures of buildwarestore and/or the Website; gaining unauthorized access any non-public information of any other Users or Persons, including (but not limited to) accessing data and information not intended for such Users or logging onto a server or account which the User is not authorized to access
  • - Attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system, computer resource, server or network or attempting to breach security or authentication measures on the Website
  • - Attempting to gain access or gaining access to parts of the Website to which the User has no right to access by hacking, stealing passwords or otherwise
  • - Introducing, posting, submitting or transmitting any information, software, command or any other material which contains a virus, worm, time bombs, cancel bots, easter eggs or other harmful component into the Internet through the Website, the Website itself or buildwarestore's systems, networks or servers
  • - Introducing, facilitating, transmitting, generating or posting spam messages, posts or e-mails of any nature whatsoever, including bulk e-mails, chain mails or commercial bulk mails or spam
  • - Introducing any material or doing any act which would cause the networks, resources, systems or servers of buildwarestore and/or the Website to slow down or multiplying traffic on the Website or in any other way interfering or hindering the proper functioning of such networks, resources, systems or servers
  • - Publishing, displaying or submitting information which provides information on illegal activities, communities, groups, Persons or associations which are banned or which incite or participate in illegal activities, or other activities such as the sale of illegal arms, ammunition and weapons
  • - Soliciting directly or indirectly any passwords or other personal information of any Users or other Persons for commercial or illegal purposes, or hosting, publishing or submitting information about other Persons without such Person’s consent
  • - Using any "deep-link", "page-scrape", "robot", "spider" or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to access, acquire, copy or monitor any portion of the Website or any Content, or in any way reproducing or circumventing the navigational structure or presentation of the Website or any content therein, to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents or information through any means not purposely made available through the Website
  • - Hosting, displaying, uploading, modifying, publishing, transmitting, updating or sharing any information on the Website that:
    • a. belongs to another person and to which the User does not have any right to;
    • b. is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, pedophilic, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever;
    • c. is misleading in any way;
    • d. is patently offensive to the online community, such as sexually explicit content, or content that promotes violence, physical harm, obscenity of any kind against any individual or group or aims to sexually harass any individual or group;
    • e. harm minors in any way;
    • f. infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights;
    • g. violates any law for the time being in force;
    • h. deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of such messages or communicates any information which is grossly offensive or menacing in nature;
    • i. impersonate another person;
    • j. contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource;
    • k. threatens the unity, integrity, defense, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nation.


In the event that you become aware of a violation of the above Terms by another User, we would request you to please inform our Grievance Officer (whose details are given below in this document) in writing or through email signed with an electronic signature of the same in as much detail as possible. Before we take any action, we may request you for further information as required by us or by law (as amended from time to time), based on which will we consider the next course of action to be adopted against such violations.

  • - Sending or receiving messages which are offensive on moral, religious or political grounds or which are indecent in any manner including (but not limited to) being within the meaning of "indecent representation of women" under The Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986
  • - Promoting or encouraging participation in contests, membership of competitor websites, gambling, lottery, sweepstakes or pyramid schemes
  • - Altering or removing any of the Terms or other terms of use contained elsewhere on the Website or misrepresenting the same to any other person
  • - Copying or reproducing any part of the Website for any purpose whatsoever (save as expressly allowed under these Terms) whether in electronic or hard form whether manually or through automated methods including (but not limited to) as spiders, deep links, page scrapes or crawlers
  • - Violating, by any act or omission in the course of access to the Website or availing the Services, the rights of any nature whatsoever of a third party Person or a User, including publicity and/or ownership rights and intellectual property rights (including but not limited to inducement to violate rights or links to pirated music or files of any nature) or inducing Users or Persons to deal in, buy or sell stolen or counterfeit goods or goods or services otherwise prohibited for trade under any law for the time being in force
  • - Restricting another User’s access to the Website, Services or other enjoyment of the User’s rights vis-à-vis the Website and/or Services
  • - Doing any act of any nature whatsoever which would cause buildwarestore to lose any services or supplies from buildwarestore’s vendors, suppliers or Sellers of any nature whatsoever, or disturb or affect buildwarestore’s relationship with its associates, suppliers, service providers, Sellers or vendors or otherwise create any liability of any nature whatsoever on buildwarestore

In the event that the User breaches, violates or does not comply with any of the above mentioned covenants, then, without prejudice to any other rights of buildwarestore under the Terms or under law, buildwarestore shall have the following rights:

  • - To remove any such information, data, blog posts, messages or other material which violate any of the above covenants;
  • - To suspend or delete the User’s Registered Account;
  • - To take action, if required under any Applicable Law;
  • - To suspend or prohibit the User’s access to the Website or the User’s Registered Account;
  • - To terminate the User Agreement, access to the Website and/or provision of the Services without becoming liable to pay any damages;
  • - To proceed against the User for all or any losses or damages caused to buildwarestore of any nature whatsoever (including loss of business, reputation, goodwill and profit) and to initiate or assist in all legal proceedings of any nature (civil or criminal) against the User;
  • - buildwarestore shall also be indemnified for all proceedings, losses and damages that may be instituted against or incurred by buildwarestore on account of such a breach.


buildwarestore shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to carry out maintenance, repair, upgrading, testing, updating content or other works on the Website or to its servers at any time, and for such reason may deactivate or suspend the User's Registered Account, access to the Website or the Services. buildwarestore shall not, for any reason whatsoever, be liable for losses and damages of any nature whatsoever on account of the above.

Modification to Services

buildwarestore shall be entitled to add, delete, modify, cease, discontinue, amend or change all or any of the Services at its discretion at any time. Such addition, deletion, modification, cessation, discontinuance, amendment or change shall take effect with immediate effect. On no account shall buildwarestore be liable in any manner whatsoever for the discontinuation, modification, stoppage, amendment or change to any Service.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and the User Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes arising out of or in any way connected with these Terms and / or the User Agreement shall be deemed to have arisen at Aluva,India and the appropriate courts of law in ernakulam, India shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve the same.


Entire Agreement

No oral agreement exists between the User and buildwarestore. The User Agreement shall constitute the entire and exclusive agreement between User and buildwarestore with respect to the subject matter hereof, and shall supersede and subsume any prior agreements, documents and or communications regarding such subject matter.

In the event that a User has any other grievance in relation to the Website, or if a User becomes aware of an abuse or violation of the Terms, then the User may contact buildwarestore at


Address:17/45, MUPPATHADAM , ALUVA 683110, ERNAKULAM
E-mail Id:


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